Series 1–Episode 28: Join Julia Seal exploring Menopause knowledge while coaching yourself, using free tools for 4 types of negative emotion. Review physical & emotional symptoms, cultural differences & discover why Menopause is a well kept secret for happiness to evolve & fuel change. Consider work policies to effectively manage Menopause in today’s multi-cultural workplace. Jump start your life with Julia’s blog:The Menopause Midlife Bardo

Menopause, our midlife transition is our most powerful and empowering secret!

Together with coach Julia Seal, find out why it’s our best opportunity to evolve ourselves at the deepest level, using our negative emotions, our unhappy thoughts and our difficulties at home and at work. It’s time to use Menopause to fuel you, to fuel your courage to look deeply inside, to fuel your commitment to your own self-care and to fuel new thoughts, feelings, actions and habits in how you show up for yourself and for the world.

With coaching tips and free tools to download, we consider how best to respond to the midlife Bardo, the menopause midlife transition, and especially how to use the 4 different types of negative emotions we experience as our inner guidance systems.

We also explore current Menopause thinking worldwide. We look at the biochemical, physical symptoms and emotional difficulties we experience and how they affect us at work. Then, we consider the Nature-Culture divide in our cultural narratives in shaping how we experience Menopause differently worldwide – from USA, UK and Japan to Italy, Sweden and India – deterioration and decline to a time of liberation and wisdom. All essential knowledge as we navigate multi-cultural working environments and celebrate our diversity.

We look at what’s happening in the working world, including policies and guidelines currently in use that support the menopause conversation and we challenge the Work-Life distinction as we consider our Wholebeing Happiness, our happy and successful, no matter what.

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There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • An overview of current Menopause thinking worldwide
    • Biochemical changes, physical symptoms and emotional difficulties
    • Cultural differences on how we experience Menopause physically and emotionally, the Nature-Culture divide: anthropological studies and differing cultural narratives
  • An overview of difficulties at work due to Menopause
  • What’s being done about Menopause at work worldwide – policies and guidelines
  • A coach’s perspective: Happiness-Matters – on Menopause and the midlife transition, the Bardo of Menopause and the opportunity to jump start the next chapter of your life
  • Coaching tips and tools to help you coach your negative Menopause emotions
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#1.28 – Menopause at Work: coaching your negative emotions
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