Series 1 – Episode 6: Take a step beyond the obvious to discover what’s really getting in your way of happiness and success at work, what’s the hardest thing for you? With inspiration from Gandhi and Mandela and Great White Shark warnings, you’ll discover the very obstacle-strategy that’s going to have the biggest impact on you.

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In this last coaching episode of Series 1: Defining – Assessing – Visioning, we dive much deeper into what’s stopping you from your success and happiness at work and also tie together everything we’ve explored. Together with Julia Seal, review your coaching journey to-date – from your early days of questioning how you define happiness-in-the-moment and then, crafting a Future Vision that is uniquely yours and mapping your journey in-between.

We’re look further into what’s really getting in your way, from the viewpoint of coaching as transformation. We explore why change is hard and you’ll discover how to find the very thing that’s going to have the biggest impact on your “happiness and success at work, no matter what” as well as how to use the red flag guidance system.

To help us, we apply two guidelines to get below the surface of your obstacles – we look at your power in the world and how a simple technique used by air traffic controllers can profoundly change you. We also introduce the concept of Buffering and how you might be using it to unintentionally hold yourself back from the happiness and success you want at work, especially if you take a fancy to South African Nik Naks!

We’ll take our final inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela before we get started with our Series 2: Brain Management and the basics techniques in How to Coach Yourself.

There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • An overview of the coaching we’ve done to date – from happiness-in-the-moment all the way through to your future “no matter what” happiness at work
  • Dive deeper into what’s stopping your success and happiness at work and how to look for red flags
  • Explore what transformation means in coaching and what you can learn from pilots, sea navigators and the 2 degree shift
  • Discover where the power in your life lies and what guidance you can take from the courageous Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela
  • Examine your life for evidence of Buffering and how how you might be using it to unintentionally to block your own happiness – and discover the joy of Nik Naks





#1.6 – What’s the toughest thing for you?
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