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How can you be happier in Midlife?

And more successful at work?

What’s stopping you from getting the most out of your (working) life, every single day?

🎙🎧 Join me, Julia Seal, each week to explore your MIDLIFE in a whole new way

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Every Tuesday, I share ideas on how to turn your working life into the playground of your life – the best place to get unstuck in your midlife and to address what’s not working in your life. We explore ways to create the very best version of you, no matter if you’re bored at work, unhappy at home, overworked and stressed, wishing for a fresh new #WFH career, finding your team challenging or even if you love what you do (on most days!). It’s all about evolving yourself: increasing your resilience and creativity so you can make a real contribution to the world in your Midlife, the next chapter of your life.


We coach together to:
🔸 Manage your thoughts, on purpose & intentionally
🔸 Harness the power of your emotions – all of them!
🔸 Apply the best of leadership coaching & life coaching
🔸 Tap into the world’s wisdom on the philosophy & science of Happiness
🔸 Create daily powerful self-coaching practices


🎙🎧 Coaching for professional women in Midlife
NEW EPISODE – every TUESDAY – 7am (UTC+2)

Each episode with me is a mini-coaching session with coaching tools and step-by-step guides – designed to help you take immediate action on the most impactful ways to increase your daily success – while supporting you through the difficulties… and joys of midlife! 😄


Weekly check-ins   –   Coaching Tools   –   Happiness Hacks

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Inspirational Wisdom   –   Coaching Tips   –   Fun!

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“8 hours work – 8 hours recreation – 8 hours rest” will never be the same again!

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What our clients say

“I first came to know Julia when I stepped into a new role at work. Wow! What an amazing and transformative journey it has been. Julia is a highly skilled coach with a warm, engaging personality. It is really easy to talk to her about difficult issues. Julia is a gifted listener and able to uniquely distill what she hears into valuable, credible insight. She offers practical tools for problems – tools that are sometimes so simple but always so helpful. Through her insightful coaching I have come to value my strengths and my leadership style. Julia has helped me reflect on life, balance and happiness (and not just at work). I really appreciate her “whole life” approach.  Knowing myself better has really helped me and my engagements with others – thank you Julia! If you are looking to learn more about yourself and realize your potential, I highly recommend Julia.” Dr Jen M

“I first started coaching with Julia back in 2015, and her warmth, guidance, and attention to the emotional atmosphere will always keep me going back. She is an amazing coach, and she has the ability to speak to me straight-to-the-heart, giving me the real deal in a gentle way. Sessions with Julia are always a welcome break, and I know I can count on a good laugh and fresh perspective to get me out of a rut. She knows me so well, and the fact that she can recall little details of our sessions through the years always makes me feel at home and at ease. No judgment, no risk – I can always be honest with Julia, and I know she is honest with me. Our conversations are my safe space, home-away-from-home.” Hayley K

“I can’t thank my coach, Julia, enough for her caring support and her gentle, but firm, guidance throughout this journey. I have valued her sense of humour and ability to ask the difficult questions with sensitivity and care. She really knows how to listen to make one feel heard, understood and appreciated. After each session I was invigorated and inspired to achieve my goals. She spurred me to dig deeper and to get to the bottom of my recurring negative patterns and to find tools to overcome them, to develop self-awareness, to set early indicators to alert for any relapses, and ways to get back on track and to nurture and tap into my inner spirit and core strength on an ongoing basis. This time with her has been incredibly helpful and is likely to have a lasting impact on my life. I feel like I have changed for the better and am stronger for it.” Jenny W

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There really is no better time to do this coaching together!

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Julia is the Founder of Happiness-Matters – online coaching for professional women in Midlife.

She has been coaching since 2009 and is a Professional Certified Coach – accredited by the International Coach Federation as ICF (PCC) with over 2000 hours of coaching. She has qualifications as an Integral Coach, Relationships Systems Coach, Team Coach and Life Coach.

Julia also consults in Employee Engagement to clients worldwide who need support in crafting and fine-tuning their employee engagement strategies.

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I am fascinated with our ongoing pursuit of happiness and by the choices we make in our everyday lives that lead us away from our happiness – and am passionate about bringing people into direct conversation with their happiness, re-imagining our lives to create our own version of happy and successful, no matter what. 

Happiness-Matters is all about putting your Wholebeing Happiness as the top priority in your life, crafting what happiness really means to you at the deepest level – evolving yourself to the next level and moving beyond your current struggles to a deep soulful connection to your life and your contribution to the world.

I can’t wait to meet you!”



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