Series 1 – Episode 25: Join Julia Seal to discover what it means to evolve as an individual, what conscious evolution is & why our Emotional Evolution is the essential next step to our happiness & success. In this 7th step coaching your negative emotions, we explore our self-development & personal growth; how to level up our mindset, habits, daily routines, relationships & actions – with insights from Human Rights Day, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly & Paulo Coello

Today is an invitation to step into your own evolution – and it’s Human Rights Day and Nobel Prize Day! In the SEVENTH step in coaching your negative emotions with Julia Seal, discover what it means to evolve as an individual, what conscious evolution is and why our EMOTIONAL EVOLUTION is the essential next step to our individual and collective happiness and success.

Here we explore what is the real opportunity available to each of us when it comes to our negative emotions – how they are the way into our transformational self-development, the path to leveling up our mindset, habits, daily routines, relationships and actions.

We journey to the Galápagos Islands with a man of “enlarged curiosity” to find out more about the evolutionary process of tortoises and finches to see what we can learn about our own self-growth. Then with the help of leading positive psychology researcher, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, best-selling author Paulo Coello and a Pennsylvania management consultancy, we consider what it means to be the best version of ourselves, stepping into our Genius and fulfilling our Personal Legend, our destiny.

Take up the challenge to evolve beyond the way your brain is structured, beyond the behavioural patterns you’ve learnt from people around us and beyond what you absorb every day from life around your. Move beyond your stuck point of no progress, your primal dissatisfaction with life, your unhappiness…

“It isn’t freedom from. It’s freedom to” – Jean Paul Satre, philosopher

There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • Find out more about the “call to evolve yourself” with Happiness-Matters.coach – the SEVENTH step on this negative emotions mini-coaching journey
  • Understand what your individual evolution, the next-level version of yourself actually means and explore this definition for yourself: “to develop yourself gradually – it’s the change, the progress, the leveling-up to your next best level: the next best level of your mindset, your habits and daily routines, your associations and relationships and your actions”
  • Discover what is the transformational opportunity when it comes to your negative emotions, your Emotional Evolution, and how it applies to the idea of Conscious Evolution
  • Find out more about our evolution as a species, from Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species to the chimpanzees of Chimfunsi Wildlife Orphanage in Zambia
  • Draw from the world’s wisdom – learn more about your evolution from Human Rights Day, Nobel Prize Day, Peace Prize winners, poet David Whyte, philosopher Jean Paul Satre, the Dalai Lama, monk-turned-author Thomas Moore, a Pennsylvania management consultancy, leading positive psychology researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and best-selling author Paulo Coello









#1.25 – Your next step: Evolution!
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