Series 1 – Episode 1: Take your first step into coaching your happiness and success at work with Julia today. Try out a quick but powerful way to assess your happiness then expand your own definition of happiness with ideas from around the world.

How happy are you now, right now – how happy and successful at work are you, right now?

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Take the first steps in your coaching journey today coaching with Julia Seal. We assess where you are right now by trying out The Happiness Ladder and then, explore your views of what is “happy and successful, no matter what”. We’ll refine a definition that is uniquely yours, using examples from around the world, through history and across culture to enrich your perspective.

Along the way, discover why we now have a GNH measure for countries and not just GDP and what this means for our own happiness measurement, how Kindness is a key component to your work happiness, why having a best friend at work is a primary indicator of our happiness at work and what David Hume, Aristotle and the Dalai Lama can tell us about the pursuit of happiness.

We’ll have some fun with Hello Kitty, Thomas Jefferson, Epicurus and understanding happiness in Sanskrit – not to mention Julia’s “squirrel” moment about Mars, rockets and methane gas.

There really is no better time to do this work together!




#1.1 – How happy at work are you, really?
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