Series 3 – Episode 0: TRAILER – How can I be happier in Midlife? How can I make the most of this next phase – be more resilient – more creative – thrive – even, evolve?

Join me to explore these Midlife questions & more in a happiness-coaching journey where you can transform this next phase of your life, no matter what – no matter what your circumstances are right now… overwhelmed by the changes wrought by Menopause, looking for more meaningful work, caught in stagnant relationships or feeling anxious, unfulfilled, discontent, burnt out, overwhelmed or just, stuck!

Midlife is a calling to your own metamorphosis: to let go of what’s no longer working in your life > to strengthen your Inner Power > to build your Legacy for others > to craft your deepest Wholebeing Happiness… it’s the perfect time for you to solve the puzzle of the Midlife Transition & embark on an exploration of living into the Best Version of you, today.

Create your new Midlife Jigsaw Puzzle by exploring how to get unstuck in Midlife – discover how to coach yourself every day at home, in relationships & at work, how to purposefully manage your own mind & reconnect to your body, how to “hack” your brain with tools backed up by scientific research, how to unwind your unhelpful habits & how to take the best from the world’s wisdom on the pursuit of happiness.

In addition to mini-coaching sessions & step-by-step tools, each episode helps you to take immediate action on the most impactful ways to increase your daily happiness, while supporting you on a longer reinvention coaching journey to living a purposeful & intentional life of Wholebeing Happiness in Midlife.

Join me on the podcast to start living into your best life, today.

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“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”

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  • Why joining Happiness-Matters to create your Midlife Happiness is just like playing with jigsaw puzzles!
  • What’s on offer in the podcasts, Coaching Notes by email & on Facebook
  • How to use Series 1, Series 2 & now Series 3 to coach yourself every day
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#3.0 – Series 3 Trailer – Welcome to your Midlife Wholebeing Happiness – no matter what!
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