Series 1 – Episode 4: We add the two wisdom concepts of the Hedonic Treadmill and the Concept of 50:50 to your unique happy-at-work definition in a walk-through exploration of panda enclosures, meditation masters’ views on negative emotions and emergenesis. We finalise your Future Vision on this next phase of our coaching journey together.


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We add two new Happiness Wisdom concepts to our coaching on your Future Vision, your 10/10 happiness and success at work. Join Julia Seal to expand your goals of what’s possible through coaching for you with an introduction to The Hedonic Treadmill and its related Happiness Setpoint and the Concept of 50:50.

We’ll take a walk-through exploration of panda enclosures and how yin-yang applies to you; we’ll meet meditation masters Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Pema Chodron and dip into their views on negative emotions and how they can enhance your creative energy; and we’ll explore emergenesis and what it means to changing your life and shifting your happiness set point.

We finalise your Future Vision on this next phase of our coaching journey together by understanding how understanding these wisdom concepts and the academic research ensures that your happiness goals, your goals of coaching are robust, based on solid academic research and not one-sided or limited based only on what you’re finding difficult or unpleasant in your life right now.

There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • Why understanding the Hedonic Treadmill, happiness adaptation and happiness set points is useful when crafting your own definition of happy and successful at work
  • What wisdom from ancient Chinese philosophy and Buddhism can teach us about happy and unhappy
  • How to put it all together – pandas, earworms, unicorns, rainbow, treadmills and coffee – into a robust Future Vision that you can take forward with you





#1.4 – Going deeper into your 10/10 Happiness
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