Series 1 – Episode 3: We go on a visioning journey to discover your 10/10 “happy and successful at work, no matter what”, having fun with brainstorming and visionboarding. We’ll also learn about the first of our happiness wisdom concepts, The Happiness Paradox and how we can avoid its trap, ensuring your Future Vision is well worth your time and effort.

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We start the process of purposefully and intentionally visioning your future, your 10/10 happiness. Join Julia Seal to focus forwards and explore: Where do you want to be? What exactly do you mean when you say you want to be “happy and successful at work, no matter what”?

We’ll learn how to create a Future Vision with Brainstorming and VisionBoarding, using rainbows, unicorns and leprechauns to open our minds and expand what’s possible for you. Then to ensure we’re neither creating an unrealistic nor limited definition of happy and successful at work, we’ll explore the first of our happiness wisdom concepts, The Happiness Paradox.

Learning to look at happiness sideways, through the corner of your eye sets you up for success with a robust definition of your Future Vision – one that ensures you’re not wasting your time or efforts in this coaching journey – and ensures you’re not stretching for something you discover you don’t want when you get there.

There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • How to FutureVision your 10/10 happy and successful at work and what “no matter what” means to you – using two possibility-expanding tools
  • What rainbows have to do with your happiness at work
  • What The Happiness Paradox is and what it means for your coaching journey
  • What’s the difference between Preya and Sukha happiness in Sanskit
  • Why well-researched academic frameworks of happiness ensures your success
  • And… you get to listen to Julia singing for the first time on air!





#1.3 – Where do you want to be – 10/10?
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