Series 1 – Episode 5: We start out mapping out your coaching journey, looking at all your concerns, your traps, blocks and obstacles to your happy and successful at work. You’ll get insights as to how to approach your journey from Odysseus and Harry Potter and you’ll find inspiration from coaching techniques to shift your perspective towards your Future Self Journey.

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We begin the coaching process of mapping out your journey between where you are today and where you want to be in your 10/10 happy-and-successful at work. Together with Julia Seal, take a look at the happiness traps and obstacles you find along the way while taking caution from Cerberus and Charon on the banks of the River of Misery in Hades.

Harry Potter and Odysseus’ will give life to the possibility that your obstacles can become your stepping stones to success, your actual strategies of the path to follow as the quickest way to your Future Vision.

We examine these obstacle-strategies from two perspectives to shed light on the path ahead for you – are they internally or externally based and are they from your past or your future? This will guide us as to where we need to spend our time coaching.

And, we look at why coffee is high on the happiness at work list for so many of us!

 There really is no better time to do this work together!


    • Why “Unhappy is the story of happiness”
    • How to utilize Harry Potter’s and Odysseus’ epic journeys as well as the the Ancient Greek tale of crossing the River of Misery with Charon as your guide
    • Learn about typical happiness traps at work and if any of these apply to you
    • How to map your coaching journey and in particular, mapping your obstacles
    • How you can go from blocks and obstacles to stepping stones and strategies on your path to “happy and successful at work
    • Examine your biggest coaching topics, your burning issues – are they internal or external and are they from your past or your future
    • The difference between horizontal and vertical, transformational coaching





#1.5 – What’s stopping your Happiness & Success at work?
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