Series 1 – Episode 2: How have Bobby McFerrin, Robin Williams, Dug the Talking Dog and Coke-a-Cola shaped how you view your own happiness and success at work? We explore where your current beliefs come from in a journey of discovery and we plot your life’s milestones onto a unique coaching version of the snakes-and-ladders gameboard!

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Expand your own definition of “happy and successful at work, no matter what” in today’s coaching with Julia Seal. We examine where your thoughts and beliefs about happiness come from – what have you added to your views on happiness from the media, your family and friends – Bobby McFerrin? Robin Williams? Dug the Talking Dog? Coke-a-Cola?

Then, to uncover more of your beliefs about happiness, we’re going to play a game with your life… we’re creating a map of your own pursuit of happiness through the years. We’re playing our own unique version of the ancient Indian game of “Snakes and Ladders”!

We end off our session with some powerful coaching questions to deepen your insights at the start of your happiness coaching journey with us. For example: What’s the difference between your in-the-moment happiness and your long-term happiness? What’s not in your definition? What have been your snakes? How much are you spending your energy on happiness at work right now, today?

There really is no better time to do this work together!





#1.2 – Your Snakes & Ladders Journey!
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