How to subscribe to our Podcast

& have the weekly episodes download automatically

  • If you listen on a PC or Mac, download the iTunes desk-top app from our Apple Podcasts Preview page, install it & subscribe in it’s Apple Podcasts section.
  • For an iPhone or iPad you can subscribe on the ‘Apple Podcasts’ App. This is ready installed on newer devices or download it from Apple’s App Store
  • For Android phones & tablets: install a podcast app from Google Play Store & subscribe (or follow) on that
    • we recommend ‘Stitcher’, ‘Castbox’ & ‘Podbean’
  • You can also subscribe (follow) on Spotify in it’s Podcasts section
    • It’s desk-top app can be downloaded from
    • It’s mobile apps for Apple & Android devices, are available in the app stores above.
  • Or subscribe to our YouTube Channel & follow it there
    • on YouTube’s website or it’s Apple & Android Apps.
  • To find the podcast on any of these platforms
    • Search for: ‘’; ‘The Happiness Matters Podcast’; ‘Happiness Matters Julia Seal’; ‘Happy & Successful at work’ or a similar combination
    • or enter our RSS Feed address where requested:

Download our Podcasting Guide, for more information on these & other options.