HAPPINESS-MATTERS – Happy at work, no matter what!
This is our online coaching and self-development programme where you learn how to coach yourself to success and happiness, no matter what – no matter what your circumstances are: what your boss is like, whether you have a best friend at work or are surrounded by bullies – no matter how much you earn, what country you live in or what kind of work you do…


Listen to the podcast Happiness-Matters – Happy at work, no matter what!
Discover how to coach yourself easily and simply, how to purposefully manage your own mind, how to “hack” your brain with tools backed up by scientific research and how to take the best from the world’s wisdom on the pursuit of happiness to add life to your own happiness coaching journey.

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WORK RELATIONSHIPS: Transform difficult and troublesome work relationships in a 2-month deep dive initiative that is supported by the Happiness-Matters programme.
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The missing link in your organisation’s employee engagement efforts – self-driven engagement. Happiness-Matters is for your employees (even your CEO is an employee) – it’s a self-development programme that teaches employees how to coach themselves with deep dives into their ability to transform difficult relationships and conflict, to manage their emotions, to connect their personal purpose with your business purpose and to move beyond procrastination and boredom at work to get things done.

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Difficult boss - negative co-worker - critical leadership team?

Julia will help you to transform these troublesome relationships forever - You won’t lose any more sleep worrying about work, you won’t need a glass of wine after another horrid day nor will you bore your friends and family with the ongoing drama - End your worry, anxiety, anger, frustration or even shame every time you think about that difficult person... 8 WEEKS - 1 RELATIONSHIP - 10 SKILLS FOREVER

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