Series 2 – Episode 31: INSIGHT – Explore the magic of transitions in your Midlife & how it’s possible to really love the unknown, to embrace uncertainty.

I share several ways we can make sense of the Liminal Space of being in-between, what it means to traverse Ancient Greece’s River of Misery & the Buddhist Bardo states of consciousness with the Ancient Roman God Janus showing us the way.

Join me, to find out what it means to step into your own self-evolution by hanging out on The Edge of Comfort, getting really good with Discomfort so that you are truly free to craft an intentional, conscious life – living your purposeful Wholebeing Happiness in Midlife.

Try out three ways to hold steady through change so that you can build your courage & resilience, while having some light-hearted fun & delight along the way.

Change is upon you in Midlife – roles, relationships, responsibilities, purpose, it’s all happening! Today’s episode suggests some tools to help you rest & settle into change, to make it more bearable, even how to wallow & dance in your Midlife creativity!

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Join me to start living into your best life, today.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”

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  • What’s so special about Liminal Space!
  • What makes The Liminal so uncomfortable as humans – why change is so hard
  • What’s possible in your life if you embrace the transitions of your life, of Midlife
  • How to dance with life itself, with you as the work of art in the process of creation
  • What can we learn from the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Romans, the Buddhist Bardo, Relationships Systems Coaching & Happiness scientist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Ways to cope through the difficulties & discomfort of change & transition as you rebuild your life
  • The sacred spirit of this Midlife journey



Meditation on the Liminal

  • Midlife Meditation 🧘 Liminal Space of Transition, Change & Uncertainty (10mins)

Other Meditations to soothe your soul, to soothe your animal body awash with anxiety & fear in times of change:






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#2.31.Insight – Liminal Spaces of Midlife in 2022: how to really love the unknown!
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