Series 2 – Episode 16: PATTERNS – Discover where much of your personal power is tied up by the time you get to Midlife. Today, let’s tap into the delight of playing with Lego bricks as the way to start claiming back this power… how you can build it, brick by brick, until you’ve created your Wholebeing Happiness & then, how you become unstoppable in the world!

All your power for change comes from how you view two essential concepts – your two Outer Life Patterns – seeing how they influence Midlife discontent: restlessness in your marriage, boredom with your work, bloated through Menopause, tired friendships, endless household chores, a broken relationship with yourself.

This podcast is an opportunity to expand your exploration into the DNA of your Happiness – your Inner & Outer Life Patterns. They’re an essential corner puzzle pieces of Midlife Happiness – of the skill you can perfect right here – Brain Management: how to use your entire Being intentionally & purposefully to craft Wholebeing Happiness that sees you moving into your Next Phase with passion, peace & joy… with power.

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Join me to start living into your best life, today.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”


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  • Why playing with Lego bricks will build your Happiness – and it’s not quite what you think!
  • Where does all your power lie in Midlife & how to claim it back
  • What are the components of your Inner & Outer Life Patterns that influence the quality of your relationships, your power for change, your Midlife discontent
  • How do you play with your Circumstances – Results – Actions to create Midlife Wholebeing
  • How to become unstoppable in your ability to effect change in the world



  • Past Episodes
    • Inner Life Patterns
      • #2.7.Patterns: Why your Midlife is the way it is!
      • Coaching tools to start working with your Life Patterns: Thought Downloading & 3 Long Strong Breaths
        • #1.19 explains how to do a Thought Download
        • #2.3 brings 3 Long Strong Breaths to life
    • Thoughts on Power & Powerlessness
      • #1.30 Toxic emotions at work – what to do (Part 2)
      • #1.31Q&A Ending Powerlessness in you & others
      • #1.28 Menopause at Work: coaching your negative emotions
      • #1.21 Emotional Immaturity & your Happiness Wisdom
      • #1.46 Your past – sabotaging your happiness & success?
    • #2.1 Series 2 Overview
    • #2.0 – Trailer outlining Series 1 & 2



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#2.16.Patterns – How we’ve lost power by Midlife
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