Series 2 – Episode 17: BONUS LIVE 🔥 on The Happiness Ladder

Join me as I share insights into my 🪜 Happiness Ladder coaching tool – where it comes from & why it’s such a useful Happiness Habit to practice in expanding your Midlife Wholebeing.

I explore how it helps you connect to your Happiness at a very core level, but how it can also hinder your discovery of deep, authentic happiness if not used purposefully & intentionally.

Also, I’ll let you into how I’ve been using the Happiness Ladder in my own life since 2012 & the impact it’s had over the years.

Why not join me #UP The Happiness Ladder every week – in my private What’sApp group every day OR on social media on Mondays (#TGIM) & Fridays (#FriYay).

Watch the LIVE here

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“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”


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  • Why The Happiness Ladder coaching tool is such a useful Happiness Habit in Midlife
  • How you can use it to discover & deepen your Wholebeing Happiness
  • Mistakes people make – how not to use it, when it might even hinders your happiness
  • How Julia uses it weekly, daily, in the moment in her own life & the impact its had
  • Ways to join me #UP the ladder – on social media: Monday – #TGIM & Friday – #FriYAY OR every day in my private WhatsApp group



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    • #1.47 – Measuring your Happiness, how & why
    • #1.1 How happy are you, really?
    • 1.1.Q&A – How happy are you, really?Inner Life Patterns


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#2.17.Bonus – LIVE 🔥 How my Happiness Ladder connects you to Midlife joy
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