Series 2 – Episode 15: BODY – This week, I’m exploring the Mind:Body Connection, what it’s all about & what understanding it means for coaching & living into our long lasting Happiness.

It’s an episode full of surprising delights about our Midlife bodies… from how visualisation can build us muscles even if we’re still in lockdown, away from the gym – where does most of our happiness hormone, Serotonin come from (it’s not what you think) – do we really have a second brain – how can a physical nerve build our feelings of compassion – who are the 40 trillion organisms free-riding in our gut… I know, some crazy ideas!

I share several ideas on how you can use the power of this Mind:Body puzzle, pointing you to past episodes, coaching tools & some great books.

Just from listening to this one overview episode, you can start tapping into the flow between your mind & body – purposefully & intentionally – as part of crafting your Wholebeing Happiness in Midlife.

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Join me to start living into your best life, today.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”


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  • What the Mind:Body connection is all about & where the Dualistic Mindset came from
  • How your Wholebeing Happiness is linked to this Mind:Body connection
  • Do you really have a second brain?
  • Is “gut feel” real & where does it come from
  • What is the Vagus nerve & what does it have to do with your feelings of Compassion
  • Where does all of your happiness hormone, Serotonin, comes from
  • What have the 40 trillion organisms hanging out in your gut got to do with your happiness
  • How visualisation can build you some muscle – even in lockdown!
  • When to listen to your Mind & when to listen to your Body when it comes to Wholebeing Happiness





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#2.15.Body – How real is your Mind:Body Connection in Midlife?
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