Series 2 – Episode 11: BRAIN – Find out how to make Midlife change easier on yourself by working with a small area in your brain stem, your RAS. Today, I explore its gatekeeping function, how it operates just like the algorithms behind social media & search engines! Imagine consciously working through 11 million pieces of information per second or 1 billion websites to find what you’re looking for! I also share several ways to reprogramme your RAS, despite it working out of your everyday conscious awareness.

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Today’s discussion focuses on a small web in our Brain Stem to show you how to make change easier by working with your Brain’s Design on purpose.

I explore the Reticular Activating System to find out more about its gatekeeping function, how it’s part of an unconscious processing system of 11 million pieces of information per second – something very necessary when you think about what’s out there in the world: just your taste senses alone are capturing 1000 bits of information per second, never mind the 34 gigabytes of information coming in from our online life every day!

Discover how the RAS acts like your very own social media or search engine algorithm – and why switching off Apple’s new App Tracking feature might even be to your disadvantage!

Despite the RAS working below your conscious awareness, it’s possible to use it to our advantage, making change easier for you by reprogramming it.

Your RAS is what brings Confirmation Bias and the Law of Attraction to life!

I share ways you can access your RAS, so it’s working for your best life in Midlife, it’s working towards your Wholebeing Happiness.

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Join me to start living into your best life, today.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”



  • What is the RAS & why it’s so essential to change in your Midlife
  • The enormity of what our brain is filtering out every second – it’s just unbelievable! 🤯
  • How the RAS is just like the algorithms behind Facebook or Google!
  • How the RAS brings the Law of Attraction to life… & what to watch out for
  • 2 first steps to access the RAS, so you can begin to reprogramme it
  • 4 ideas how to reprogramme it as you coach yourself to Midlife Happiness

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#2.11.Brain – Why you really want a RAS in your Midlife