Series 2 – Episode 24: BODY AS BRAIN – The Dalai Lama has said: “The human mind, at its default setting, is compassionate”. Discover how your compassion, your ability to feel empathy & your altruistic motivations are actually wired into you through the action of a specially-evolved bundle of nerves, the Vagus.

Responsible for your body’s automatic activities when it’s at rest – digestion, reproduction, the immune response – the Vagus Nerve is a fundamental biological building block of human compassion & your Wholebeing Happiness in Midlife!

Join coach Julia Seal for a “wander” through the responsibilities of the Vagus Nerve, from being the superhighway between the gut & the brain in your head to fear management & your resilience in times of difficulty as well as how it affects whether you feel compassion at the sight of someone’s suffering.

Essentially, find out ways to activate & tone your Vagus Nerve so you can tap into all its benefits – easy, everyday Happiness Habits – from singing in the shower to Yoga’s Ujaii or Bhramari breathing to gratitude journals & laughing.

A fascinating addition to your self-coaching & a vital piece in your Midlife Happiness puzzle!
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Join me to start living into your best life, today.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”

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  • The basics, what is the Vagus Nerve exactly!
  • What does a nerve have to do with your Wholebeing Happiness
  • How to influence how much you can feel compassion, empathy, gratitude & happiness
  • What can you do to help with depression & anxiety or to manage your fear
  • Easy tips to add to your everyday to massively impact your wellbeing, your resilience, your Wholebeing Happiness





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#2.24.Body – Access Inner Peace & Happiness via your Vagus Nerve!
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