Series 2 – Episode 26: LIFE PATTERNS – Find out today why your Midlife currently looks the way it does – good & not so good – why you’re getting the results you want in your life, why you’re feeling the way you do, why you take action or procrastinate, why your relationships are the way they are, why you’re feeling happy right now or frustrated, sad, despondent, confused… > everything!

We’re talking the 🔮 MAGIC formula for creating your Wholebeing Happiness in Midlife, how to play with & even change your neurological wiring!

Find out the jigsaw puzzles pieces & Lego building blocks of this magic formula. I go step-by-step how to use it & how to to play with it to purposefully mix-up these components of your Inner & Outer world. You’ll be able to use it to create awareness of what’s really going on inside you, to develop a deep understanding of yourself & others in your life & even, to increase compassion – for yourself & others.

Also, I use an example with “difficult Uncle Alec at the Christmas dinner table” & your frustration, irritation, your anger about how he always seems to ruin the day. This is how you can enjoy your Christmas dinner no matter how impossible Uncle Alec is & no matter what he says to stir the family drama!

Could change in your life really be this easy?

Wholebeing Happiness is really just one magic Lego building brick away!

💛 🧩 🦭

Join me to start living into your best life, today.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”

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  • What playing with puzzles & Lego bricks have got to do with your Happiness!
  • 🔮The magic formula for how to create you Wholebeing Happiness in midlife
    • How to use it, how to play with it, so you can to create awareness, develop understanding of yourself & others, increase your compassion & start your process of change
    • Try it out right now, how to use it with a practical holiday example!
  • How to change the entire Christmas dinner experience for yourself by playing with your Lego 🙂
  • Honouring the recently late Dr Aaron Beck’s CBT & the Think-Feel-Act Cycle





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#2.26.Patterns – Magic formula for Creating Happiness!
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