Series 2 – Episode 27: BONUS –  Enjoy this holiday special 4-part conversation on Toxic Conflict in your Midlife Relationships & What To Do.

Deep dive into the 4 worst toxic behaviours that show up in our relationships, whether it’s at home with our loved ones or at work in our teams, in conversation with me & Lemon Rebellion founder, Jamie Jenkins.

We discuss the most poisonous of toxic behaviours: Criticism & Blame – Defensiveness – Stonewalling & Sulking – Contempt.

·       How to identify each one exactly, where & how it’s showing up in your relationships
·       💪 What do if you’re experiencing it from the other
·       🙈 What to do if you’re doing it!
·       Tips to neutralise the hot conflict & get your relationship back on track

Also find out:
–       How to self-soothe so you’re signaling to your brain & body that you’re safe, safe with yourself
–       How to get from automatic fight-back React Mode to a more neutral Respond Mode when you’re triggered
–       What’s going on in your Midlife Brain & in your neurological patterning
–       How to be mindful of your in-built filtering system – are you really seeing toxic behaviours or just perceiving them
–       How to step out of the ongoing spiral of Victim & Persecutor roles forever!

Time stamp info for you:
Criticism & Blame: 2:15
Defensiveness: 42:25
Stonewalling, Sulking & The Cold Shoulder: 1:32:05
Contempt: 2:09:15

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  • What is the difference between healthy & unhealthy conflict
  • What are the 4 most poisonous behaviours for your Midlife Relationships
  • What to do if you’re experiencing them from others – criticism, sulking, contempt
  • What do to if you realise you are doing any of them! – the cold shoulder, blame, defensiveness
  • How to quickly neutralize any of them to take the heat out of the unhealthy conflict
  • How to self-soothe so you can create healthy conflict & resolve the situation quickly
  • How to step out of the ongoing spiral of Victim & Persecutor forever!
  • More about my 8-week Relationships Coaching Programme




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#2.27.Bonus – Stop Toxic Conflict these holidays!
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