Series 2 – Episode 21: MEDITATION – Need an alternative to Meditation practice when it all seems too difficult & your mind is completely mad with thoughts?

Discover 6 techniques to turn Writing into a meditation practice so that you can develop a relationship with your Mind – a Midlife crazy-wisdom skill!

In this episode, I explore how to work with narrative writing, expressive writing, free-flow with journal prompts, Morning Pages & Thought Downloads – even, Professor Dumbledore’s Pensieve!

Using these alternatives to meditation opens the door to seeing the difference between THINKING & THOUGHT where you’re the Observer, the Witness of your own Mind.

You’ll discover how to brain dump, how to thought-download, how to reframe & how to declutter your own Mind, just like you declutter a cupboard in your house!

Brain Management through Meditation or Writing as Meditation is all about how to increase awareness of the thoughts going on in your mind + how to develop impartiality so you can observe your own thinking without judgment (no inner self-critic here!) + how to work with your exact patterns of how you turn Thinking into Thought, where you engage with your thinking mind & then create the Think-Feel-Act patterns that run your life + how to find where unseen bias is holding you back… eventually we even get to explore the independent origination of thought & what this means for your Wholebeing Happiness in Midlife – such a puzzle, so exciting!

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Join me to start living into your best life, today.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”

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  • What is a crazy-wisdom skill for your Midlife?
  • 6 Alternative ways to get the benefits of meditation, without meditating!
  • How to use journaling, keeping a diary, expressive writing & free writing as a meditation technique
  • Discover another form of writing that’s as close to meditation as possible…
  • How to declutter & clean out your mind from all your thoughts!
  • And then, what’s really unique about meditating


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#2.21.Meditation – Using Writing as a Meditation alternative
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