Series 1 – Episode 38: Coach Julia Seal introduces the academic model PERK in an exploration of the  Science of Happiness at Work: Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, Kindness. Using 2 assessment tools, learn how to assess your balance. Then, dive into Engagement & how to increase yours by tapping into the power of Flow. Practice coaching yourself to create Flow every day, using free coaching tools with the help of Csikszentmihalyi, Einstein, Proust & Suzuki

This week, coach Julia Seal introduces the 4-pillar academic framework of the Science of Happiness at Work from the University of Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Centre. As we adapt to the new-normal of working remotely, working from home – and celebrating National Wear Your Pyjamas to Work Day – we discover what’s included in PERK: Purpose – Engagement – Resilience – Kindness and what each of these mean to your own work happiness and success.

Using two assessment tools – Wheels or Chairs – learn a quick way how to assess your balance in these 4 happiness dimensions.

Then, dive deep into understanding E: Engagement and how to increase your own Engagement – for yourself, your own happiness and success – rather than leaving it up to your company’s El Khomri-type policies or leadership goodwill.

Get to know the 8 characteristics of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow for yourself and try out some simple tips so you can experience it more often.

Then, use a combination of Julia’s coaching tools, with insights from Einstein, Proust and Mindfulness, to practice coaching yourself to reach Flow in your everyday working life; and not only in the jobs that you find interesting! Happy and successful, no matter what!

May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!


  • How leading academics are definining the Science of Happiness at Work
  • What is PERK and what’s included in Purpose – Engagement – Resilience – Kindness
  • 2 tools to assess our work-life balance in these areas
  • What E: Engagement means, not only for companies and managers but for us as individuals
  • How we can increase our work happiness by focusing on 8 features of the Flow state
  • Tips to tap into Flow for ourselves – tips for managers to set up employee Flow experiences
  • How to coach ourselves to create Flow every day in your daily working life, no matter what!









#1.38 – The Science of Happiness at Work: PERK
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