Series 1 – Episode 37: Explore Dr Tal Ben-Shahar’s “Wholebeing” Happiness & what SPIRE rainbows, this week’s World Health Day & International Day of Human Space Flight have got to do with your happiness & success! With coach Julia Seal, apply practical coaching tips to expand your Physical & Intellectual Wholebeing during lockdown by tapping into Visualization tools used by Olympic athletes & applying Shoshin Beginner’s Mind to your everyday life.

This week, we overview the SPIRE Wholebeing model of Happiness, the 4th happiness formula in the Science of Happiness.

Developed by Dr Tal Ben-Shahar, we discover what he means by “the experience of whole person wellbeing – of Wholebeing” and what’s included in the 12 principles of SPIRE: Spiritual Wholebeing – Physical Wholebeing – Intellectual Wholebeing – Relationship Wholebeing – Emotional Wholebeing.

Since it’s World Health Day today, with a focus on nurses, we consider what’s included in the Physical dimension of Wholebeing Happiness and how understanding the science behind these insights we can fulfill our potential, our happiness.

From Tokyo 2021 Olympic athletes, little finger workouts and Roger Bannister’s 4-minute mile in 1954, we learn how to exploit what science now knows about the Mind-Body connection and Rene Descartes Dualistic Mindset. Using our Future Vision coaching tool, we learn how to coach ourselves through visualizing how we want to show up at home and at work in this Pandemic world and afterwards.

Then, we take a moment to learn from the enormous achievements in the Space Race and this week’s International Day of Human Space Flight in order to enhance our Intellectual Wholebeing. Coaching ourselves in this dimension shows us how Curiosity and Openness help us make the most of what life has to offer.

Again, we follow a step-by-step process to leverage what we know about Curiosity and our Happiness and learn how to use Shoshin, Beginner’s Mind to grow our capacity for our sustainable long term success and happiness.

There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • What Wholebeing Happiness means and how SPIRE makes up this Wholebeing formula of Happiness
  • Practical tips from scientific research into what’s behind Physical Wholebeing and what works to improve our happiness
  • What all this has got to do with World Health Day and celebrating nurses and health care workers at 8pm every night!
  • How we can join the training for the postponed Olympic Games, using Visualisation as a top tool for exploiting the Mind-Body connection and enhancing our Happiness through Physical Wholebeing
  • Then, what International Day of Human Space Flight has got to do with our Intellectual Wholebeing!
  • How tapping into the Intellectual Dimension of Curiosity and Openness leads to our happiness
  • Step-by-step application of how to access our Shoshin Beginners’ Mind











#1.37 – The Science of Happiness: SPIRE & Wholebeing
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