Series 1 – Episode 43.Q&A – Find out more about the Happiness;Success Formula with coach Julia Seal. Discover how it’s your chicken-or-egg dilemma and what the world’s wisdom and latest research have to say on the topic. Apply our coaching tools to decide your view of personal and professional Success so it’s useful to you in Midlife, drawing on Tolstoy, Confucius, Stanford University and THE killer interview question!

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Questions, Answers & Insights

We’re looking at your Happiness;Success Formula this week! Join coach Julia Seal in this Q&A episode to investigate your definition of success, where it comes from and what you’ve included.

At first, the Happiness:Success link seems like a real chicken-and-egg dilemma with everyone weighing in on what comes first, Happiness or Success? Everyone – from Success Magazine, Spike Milligan and Ingrid Bergman to Aristotle and Mark Twain. We create some clarity by diving into the latest research from Standford, Harvard, Gallup and Berkeley on how to be successful – and what it means to be professionally and personally happy at work.

Then, we take a look at your outward measures of Success AND your inward measures, including your happiness misalignment and buffering activities, such as overworking, overeating and overdrinking – even over-playing Solitaire on Solitaire Day!

This ensures our versions of success are as robust and individual as the versions of Happiness we’ve been creating on the podcast > so your version of the Happiness:Success formula is useful and inspiring in your Midlife. All the free coaching tools from Series 1 will help you here.

To help us think more deeply about our own Happiness:Success formula we end off considering THE killer interview question as well as the work of famous Russian author Leon Tolstoy, Buddhist teacher on dying, Stephen Levine and Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”


  • The link between your Happiness and your Success: the Happinesss:Success Formula
  • An interesting Chicken:Egg scenario in your own Happiness and Success
  • Insights from the world’s wisdom and current research into the question: What comes first: Happiness or Success?
  • How to redefine your view of Success so it’s useful to you in Midlife
  • What to consider when thinking about Outward and Inward Success – Personal and Professional Success
  • What’s the answer to the killer interview question!
  • Two books to deepen your thinking to answer the ultimate question in your Happiness and Success










#1.43.Q&A – Your Happiness vs Success Formula
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