Series 1 – Episode 40: Combine all Series 1 coaching into YOUR version of “happy & successful, no matter what”. Sense-check it against the world of artisanal craftsmanship, the spirit of Shokunin, your own Inner Power & coach Julia Seal’s free Happiness Checklist coaching tool. Pay-it-all-forward on this special day – the WHO concert: One World,Together at Home; Damien Hurst’s rainbows for download; Smile Awhile poetr; Thomas Jefferson & Wonder Woman.

Your free coaching tool:   Your Happiness Checklist – by Happiness-Matters.coach – download here

Now, we’re taking all our Series 1 coaching work and putting it together to craft your own version, your own definition of “happy and successful no matter what”.

We explore the idea of an artisanal approach to developing your definition. First by looking at how marketing has “artisan-washed” so much around us – from cocktail ice and Scotch eggs to coffee and fancy toast! Then, focusing on the essence of the word, we discover how considering our happiness as artisanal supports our self-coaching.

We add to this by understanding what it means to have Shokunin Kishitsu for our Happiness and what we can learn from Japanese master woodworkers about purpose, contribution and patience.

Lastly, we revisit Powerlessness and cultivating your Inner Power. We apply what we learned in previous episodes about our 3 Inner Choices to our Happiness picture.

Coach Julia Seal takes all this, including the discoveries from all 47 past episodes, and combines it into the new free coaching tool – The Happiness Checklist.

Use this to sense-check your definition, your coaching goal of Artisanal – Shokunin Happiness and to ensure you’ve created a robust definition for yourself, one is based on solid research, the world’s wisdom and your own life experience, and not one-sided or limited based only on what you’re finding difficult or unpleasant in your life right now – a definition that’s well worth your while, well worth your precious human life…

This episode is also a celebration of Pay It Forward Day – the WHO One World:Together at Home concert, veteran Captain Tom Moore, artist Damien Hurst, epidemiologist Professor Salim Abdool Karim and social reformer Lily Hardy Hammond.

” May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”


  • How to combine everything you’ve learnt in Series 1 about DEFINING happiness into your very own version of “happy and successful, no matter what”
  • What does your happiness definition have to do with artisanal cocktail ice, fancy toast, Scotch eggs and undead zombies
  • Also, what does your happiness definition have to do with the Shokunin Kishitsu of woodwork and the spirit of the Bodhisattva?
  • How to ensure your definition is both Artisanal and Shokunin and that you’re not chasing rainbows, taking advice from Aristotle, David Hume, Thomas Jeffersen, Dalai Lama
  • Review your definition to ensure it’s not setting you up for powerlessness in your life but is instead building your Inner Power – as we celebrate SuperHero Day & Wonder Woman
  • How to use midlife and midlife crises as times of transformation to re-define your “happy and successful, no matter what”
  • Sense-check your Happiness definition against our Coaching Tool – the Happiness Checklist
  • Share your insights on Pay It Forward Day > pay-it-forward in the same way as the WHO Lady Gaga One World: Together at Home concert, Captain Tom Moore, Lily Hardy Hammond and Catherine Ryan Hyde


  • Julia’s favourite “Smile Awhile” poem








#1.40 – Artisanal Happiness & Shokunin Happiness
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