Series 1 – Episode 10: Explore the nuances of the Human Smile with Julia Seal and discover where it can fast-track you and when it harms your happiness and success at work. Let childhood poetry take you on a self-coaching journey to discover when smiles are contagious, how you can smile across all cultures and when fake smiling can be good for us.

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Explore the nuances of The Human Smile with Julia Seal and discover the complex world of the art of smiling. You’ll find out how smiling can establish your success at work but also how smiling can hinder you as you venture down the path of coaching yourself to happiness and success at work

We’ll define what makes up the smile, how many types there are and which ones are important for you in your career aspirations and happiness. Then, learn how to Duchenne smile and set up your body for happiness, no matter how you are feeling at work.

Also, we’ll take a look into the dubious research behind what we know about smiling –  from electric shock experiments to mutilating rats in order to understand. Find out why fake smiling is good for us, despite Alice in Wonderland’s adventures, how to leverage contagious smiles and when smiling is an interview is a mistake.

Also you’ll discover the happiest poem ever!


There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • When to take the advice “just smile” and when not to for your happiness at work, no matter what
  • How many types of smiling are there and how do we know which ones contribute to our happiness and success?
  • How to Duchenne smile
  • Why smiling sets your body up for happiness and how to do this no matter how you’re feeling?
  • When fake smiling is good for us
  • Are smiles actually contagious and can this work for us at work?
  • What’s smiling too much and how it can harm your career aspirations






#1.10: Insight – Smile Awhile?
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