Series 1 – Episode 49: It’s the very end of our Series 1 happiness coaching journey, everything about how to Define, Assess & Vision your happiness in Midlife! Coach Julia Seal wraps up these 56 episodes with a FREE guideline to download & an exploration of how Puzzles, the current Pandemic craze, are the perfect way to envisage & design your journey to happiness in your next exciting life chapter. Enjoy the end & look forward to Series 2: Brain Management!

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It’s a special episode today, the end of our Series 1 coaching on Defining, Assessing & Visioning your Happiness in Midlife!

Coach Julia Seal takes a walk through the last 14 months and 56 episodes of coaching here on the podcast – so you can see how we’ve explored everything to do with how you’re Defining your Happiness, how you’re measuring it and tracking it and how you’re Visioning your Future.

Discover how your Happiness is actually just like Puzzling and how by enjoying the current Covid-19 puzzle craze you can learn to create your picture of Happiness in Midlife for yourself – it’s all about your crafted version of Happiness and Success – your own Happiness:Success formula!

Find out which are the Core Coaching episodes, your go-to episodes if you want an overview of what we’ve been doing over the last year – if want a refresher or if you’re new and you want a quick catch up.

Then, find out more about the three Bonus, Insight mini-coaching sessions that add depth and richness to your coaching journey: Smiling & Laughter + Our negative emotions & Unhappiness + diving deep into the Science of Happiness.

Download our free Series 1 Coaching Overview to help you navigate these episodes as well as the Happiness Wisdom Concepts, Question & Answer feedback sessions, Coaching Tools and Special Days coaching that bring all the concepts and tools to life.

Also don’t forget to join Julia and discover the next step in your Midlife Happiness Journey – in honour of The Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela.

“May you be Happy, May you be Free – there is no better time to coach together!”


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#1.49 – The Define, Assess & Vision Pieces of your Happiness Jigsaw
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