Series 1 – Episode 9: Our next Bonus episode with Julia Seal looks into the fascinating world of emojis and emoticons and what we make them mean, suggesting 5 ways to use them to coach yourself to happiness and success at work. Umberto Eco, Japanese manga comics and “smiley face with tears of joy” will help you unpack the meanings you make in your working life every day.

Download all of the coaching tools for Series 1 from here: https://happiness-matters.coach/free/

Do you love emojis? Do you think emoticons are inappropriate at work? Explore the modern world of these pictorial communications to understand yourself better – how you communicate with others, how you judge and assess others, how you make meaning for yourself each and every day.

Along with Julia Seal, learn how to take your current use or non-use of emojis and emoticons and apply them as 5 self-coaching tools that can directly impact your Happiness Set Point, your relationships and your emotional intelligence.

Italian, Umberto Eco, Japanese, Shigetaka Kurita and American, Scott Fahlman will join you on this journey into the world of manga comics, unicode communications and The Emoji Movie as you deepen your exploration into the influencers and shapers of your definitions and expectations of happiness and success at work in the second of our Series 1 Bonus Episodes.

There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • 5 ways to self-coach using emojis and emoticons
  • Why we need to learn how to decode the meanings we make every day in order to improve our happiness and success at work
  • What use is the Smiley face emoji on your Happiness Ladder
  • When to increase your Happiness Set Point with your emoji and emoticon communications
  • How to use the language of emojis and emoticons to increase your emotional repertoire and enhance your own Emotional Intelligence
  • How to improve your relationships every day when a happy emoji shows up in writing communications
  • More about the popular “Poo”, “Smiley face with hearts” and “Face with tears of joy” emojis, World Emoji Day and the first animated movie to win Worst Picture as well as who are Bondologists and which country’s people use the heart emoji the most





#1.9: Insight – Emojis & your happiness at work?
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