Series 1 – Episode 8: The first of our bonus episodes explores a fun and insightful topic, the famous Yellow Smiley Face and in doing so, deepens your understanding of the Defining – Assessing – Vision part of your self-coaching journey. Join Julia Seal, to discover how Smiley has gone from corporate morale building campaign, to acid house culture and back again – and what this means about your happiness and success at work. Also, get to meet Mr Glub!

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Our Series 1 Bonus episodes look specifically at the influencers and shapers of your definitions and expectations of happiness and success at work – join Julia Seal this week for some fun insights as we discover the history and multiple meanings behind the ubiquitous Yellow Smiley Face.

Discover how Smiley has gone from Turkish Hittite pot decoration, to corporate morale building campaign, to 1970s fad badges, to acid house icon and back again – and what this means about your happiness and success at work. Look too into what the colour Yellow means to you and how this has been shaped by your cultural influences – the colour of Monday, the colour of knowledge or the colour of sunshine and hope.

Use our free Coaching Tools, together with your insights into Smiley and the colour Yellow, to unearth your most deeply held beliefs about your happiness and success and learn how to apply them to challenging how you approach your daily happiness, how you can create mini-habits to change the direction of your life today and how your can bring some relief to your most immediate stuckness … and you get to meet the famous Mr Glub!

There really is no better time to do this work together!


  • What is behind the Yellow Smiley Face and how these cultural influences might have shaped you?
  • What does the colour yellow have to do with your happiness at work?
  • Additional examples to bring our Coaching Tools to life: The Snakes & Ladders Gameboard, Reframing, Yellow Flag Warnings, Happiness Wisdom Concept – Life is 50:50
  • How to use tiny coaching tricks to build happiness habits throughout your day
  • How to bring some immediate relief to your most difficult situation today






#1.8 – Insight – What’s behind Smiley?
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