Trailer episode: It’s our launch episode where we share with you what we mean: Happy at work, no matter what!  Why not listen in to find out more about how you can coach yourself to happiness and success at work?  From self-coaching and brain management skills to how take the best from the world’s wisdom on the pursuit of happiness it’s all here for you!

Who we are and why Happiness at work, no matter what?

How can I be happier at work? How can I be more successful? What’s stopping me from getting the most out of my working life, every single day?

Join consultant-coach, Julia Seal to explore these questions and more in a happiness-coaching journey where you can transform your success and happiness at work, no matter what – no matter what your circumstances are: what your boss is like, whether you have a best friend at work or are surrounded by bullies – no matter how much you earn, what country you live in or what kind of work you do…

Discover how to coach yourself easily and simply, how to purposefully manage your own mind, how to “hack” your brain with tools backed up by scientific research and how to take the best from the world’s wisdom on the pursuit of happiness to add life to your own happiness coaching journey.

In addition to mini-coaching sessions and step-by-step guides, each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most impactful ways to increase your daily happiness at work, while guiding you on a longer transformation coaching journey.

There really is no better time to do this work together!

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#1.0.Trailer – Welcome to the very first Happiness-Matters podcast!
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