8-Happiness Habits in 8-days = Julia’s favourites 

Join me for 8 days to explore 8 Happiness Habits, along with 8 tips to integrate these new habits into your daily life… these are 8 of my personal favourites and the ones I practice every day in my own life.

Join me to live into your Best Life in Midlife – resilient, creative & thriving

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#Day1 – Happiness Habit Challenge 🐸

Join me to find out what the very 1st step is on our 8-day Happiness Habit Challenge – what’s going to move us closer to our Midlife resilience – creativity – & ultimately thriving life…


#Day2 – Happiness Habits Challenge 🪜

Here I am with the 2nd step in our 8-day Midlife Happiness Habits Challenge – it’s linked to my regular posts: #TGIM & #FriYAY so you might be able to guess!

I can promise you that this Habit is the best way to craft your own definition of Happiness in your Midlife – moving from the treadmill of hedonic happiness to a Wholebeing Happiness just for you…


#Day3 – Happiness Habits Challenge 💨

Today’s 3rd Midlife Happiness Habit is something you’re doing all day every day… but for it to add to your midlife happiness you’ll want to listen in.

This habit is key to reducing stress, anxiety & sadness, making space for the happiness hormones to wash into your body. It’s another of my favourite Happiness Habits – this week I’m sharing the Top 8 that I use every day in my own life


#Day4 – Happiness Habits Challenge 🪥 🧹

Today’s 4th Midlife Happiness Habit is a way to bring lightness to the chores & tasks we “have” to do – I’m talking about doing the housework or brushing, flossing your teeth.

We can turn these mundane moments in our day into powerful happiness habits – as crazy as that seems.. pick your least favourite chore & join me today!


#Day5 – Happiness Habits Challenge ✈️ 🚢

We’re halfway through our Midlife Happiness Habits Challenge – yay! How are you finding it so far…?

Today’s 5th tip is inspired by the new business word: Pivot & what we can learn from airline pilots & ship captains (not the Ever Given!)


#Day6 – Happiness Habits Challenge 🍃🔥

The 6th Midlife Happiness Habit is tinged with sadness & anxiety as wildfires are ravaging the beautiful Cape Town again – this time burning down into the University of Cape Town…


#Day7 – Happiness Habits Challenge ☕

A delicious cup of coffee always accompanies the 7th Midlife Happiness Habit… & preferably fish too!


#Day8 – Happiness Habits Challenge 😄

We’ve reached the last day in our Midlife Happiness Habits Challenge – how are you doing? Where are you on the Happiness Ladder… 5? 8?

This 8th Happiness Habit will take you the rest of the way #UP… & it’s SO simple & SO accessible to you right now!



Watch this Facebook LIVE talking about the 8-day Midlife Happiness Habits Challenge.

Even if you didn’t complete the 8-days, join me here to decide what Happiness Habit you might like to add into your life and get consistent at doing.

🐸     🪜     💨      🧹      🚢     🍃     ☕     😄   –  I decode these for you & I’m adding another 2 . . . 🎁 🎁

I’ve got some great ideas of we can join together as Professional Women in Midlife to build consistency and deepen these habits over the months ahead. I talk about that too – in the meantime, join my (private) Facebook Group for Midlife Women.


Have fun!   💛 🧩 🦭


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